Welcome to Assembly 151

Welcome to Washington Assembly #151, the oldest Assembly in the Archdiocese of Washington District, established on April 1, 1912.

We are a member of the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus, and are a group of outstanding Sir Knights who are dedicated to the service of their church, their country, and our Order. The most conspicuous visible component of the Fourth Degree is the Color Corps, which serves as honor guard at all kinds of church and civic ceremonies.

Washington Assembly #151 is a very tight-knit community. It’s something very special about a group of men bonded by shared faith, values and interests, and this bond is one of the greatest strengths of Washington Assembly #151.

The future is bright for us. But we cannot sit back and reminisce over past accomplishments. We must move forward, by not moving forward – we actually fall behind.

So I’m challenging each of you, to make us better than we were – last year, the year before, and even the year before that.

This year, as your Faithful Navigator, you and I are one – and I will not let you settle for anything less than success.

Please take the time…now, to view our website, and see the wonderful activities and programs that we have been involved in, and have supported…and, imagine, you joining us in future programs, and being a part of our wonderful success.

Touch the lives of people you care about.

Vivat Jesus!

SK Amado C. Alvarez, Jr., PSD, FDD, PGKPFN
Faithful Navigator

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